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I’ve noticed we get stuck in labels. “I have generalized anxiety! I have ocd! rocd! I’m Entp! oh wait, Enfp! or maybe infp!” – its fine, I get stuck in labels too. We all do.

It’s another way to keep ourselves in tunnel vision and distract ourselves from getting to know ourselves and even, others.

It seems helpful to figure out your box, but even if you see a professional psychologist they won’t focus on your label, they’ll focus on you.

They’ll look at you as a whole – Its something extremely important when you speak to clients, to have a holistic approach that is.

I’ve noticed we don’t really give ourselves the same approach, we look at ourselves trying to put ourselves in a diagnosis every time we feel something. Like seriously? We spend so much time, trying to know “what is this feeling (eg. nervousness) ?” instead of actually going through the process of feeling it, as it is suppose to exist.

You start to lose a sense of who you are, outside of your head. It’s a pain in the ass if you want to actually recover. We lose grasp of what is actually important – which is the present.

When you focus so much on labels you aren’t focusing on reality – you’re focusing on theory. What could possibly be more important than your reality? your situation? right now?  not your situation that happend 10 minutes ago or 10 days ago. But what is happening right now. Nothing is more important than that.

When you focus so much on labels, you aren’t focusing on reality.

You may become focused on a fallible definition written in a book called the dsm-5, that is probably kind of unethical in many ways. It’s helpful yes, but it is also a construct we have created through rational language. It is logic.  You are a person – you are as a-rational as it gets  (not to be confused with irrational).

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You are a part of nature – you’re NOT engineered and easily explainable through rational thinking. You cannot be defined, just through language.

Its kind of hypocritical for me to say, since I literally created a support group for people who identify with a certain label associated around OCD. However, I want you to start shifting your focus from identifying yourself as a label, searching for feelings that could be the label, and start focusing on you and your situation.

Start accepting yourself – instead trying to work out which parts of you are you and which parts are your diagnosis. You are you.

You’re a person, get to know yourself. Get to know the things that we call ‘good’ and the sharp prickly bits too – which I think are just as meaningful as the things we call ‘good’.

Learn about yourself, not just your diagnosis.

Much love, chloe xx




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