Hello. 😛

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I created this blog probably over 6 months ago during a mental health journey of my own. It wasn’t about me though – it was about offering to others. Things were pretty professional, I tried to be objective but still warm hearted.

I then fell into the community of ROCD (people who are experiencing intrusive thoughts to do with their relationships). ROCD is such a difficult subject, and became disheartening  because I felt I couldn’t help anyone, which made me feel my blog, facebook group, youtube account was all pointless.

Well… for something I let become a victim of my own insecurity.. it doesn’t appear to be pointless. Even though I stopped posting, the support group I created has almost 200 members and is surviving purely on two moderators… giving their heart and soul almost daily to people experiencing intrusive thoughts.

So, I really feel to keep the support group there must be more resources and information available so that the group can remain sustainable.

Which is why, every Wednesday I will have a new post on itsmindful.com again. I’ll either answer questions that are commonly asked about ROCD and mental health or I will make a post that I think would be not only a good read, but a helpful one!

I don’t like to sugar coat, so I’m excited to be back and keep this super sustainable and long-lasting for the lovely group members.


Chloe xx



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