I am the kind of person who seeks truth, because to me truth = meaning.

I want to know what does heal people, and then what simply doesn’t.

what is real and what is not real.

In a way the way I feel about psychology is the way many spiritual people feel about their faith. What gives me comfort is knowing why things are happening, and what it means.

I am not the kind of person who appreciates superficial thinking, sugar coating, and excuses. I respect truth, and that is all I try to give to this page.

And truthfully, I know I can’t help people. All I can do is provide resources and hope one day, something will eventually click where you make a choice to take back your life and power.

Honestly, that is all anyone can wait for. Something eventually will click with you and you will then decide to not let your current emotional situation control you anymore. Only you can make that happen.

Okay so predominantly I provide resources for those with ROCD, OCD and anxiety. I also provide other information related to relationships and self development.

One of the common patterns of Anxiety and OCD is these repetitive thought patterns that rotate over and over again.

(and while I am mentioning anxiety – if you have an eating disorder, you need to address that too as you can’t fully recover from anxiety without recovering from your eating disorder as your anxiety is most likely the symptom of being  in a state of starvation syndrome).

For a second I want you to stop labeling yourself with OCD (or anxiety).

and look at yourself as you are, and who you are at this current point.

This is who you are.

Perhaps you think of all your neurosis tendencies?

you think of your thoughts? your feelings? your partner? your arguments you have internally in your mind with yourself? or others? your self hatred?

This is normal…

but is that really who you are? were you really born into this earth to be a slave to those thoughts? and ultimately, distrust your mind?

No. You are born with a choice. perhaps not your situation, but your how you react, cope and think.

You see, one thing I notice in my support group is the feelings people attach to their thoughts.


“I feel betrayed”

Really we don’t FEEL betrayal. betrayal is not a feeling. We decided that we were going to label our actual feeling as BETRAYAL. You may feel sad, angry, or hurt as a result of betrayal. We hardly acknowledge these feelings, though.

Instead of actually separating our thoughts and feelings and addressing them both separately as their own art form, we mash it all together to create something that isn’t actually the truth.

Being able to accurately label the emotion you are experiencing is part of managing that emotion effectively.

“I feel I am going to be abandoned”

What might this mean? Perhaps: Fear?

“I feel abandoned”

perhaps you are feeling grief?

“I feel I don’t click with my partner”

but what do you feel? perhaps: boredom? disapproval? OR fear? distraction?

“I feel anxious”

yes but what kind of anxiety? perhaps its anger? or terror? perhaps its even anticipation? or joy? They all can FEEL similar.

I love it when people say
“I’ve never felt this way about someone before!”

because the first thing that comes to my mind is… ecstasy.

In fact I am sure people who take ecstasy might have said that statement before 😉

Those are normal feelings, you can acknowledge these feelings as they are. not try and tell yourself you shouldn’t feel that way ever.

As you can see, there is a lot of room for error when we just go with our initial thoughts and reactions. With self discovery we find truth, and we learn to feel okay and safe in these feelings as we have payed them the attention and acknowledgement they deserve.

You can do this too.. all it takes is a little mindfulness.


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