Early this afternoon I was sitting in a coffee shop and I felt quite overwhelmed just thinking inside my head – which was kind of unusual for myself to be bored of.

Then, a man asked me if I had seen “The Thing”, which I hadn’t seen but that didn’t matter because he continued to talk about the film and all the other films he was obsessed with. Shortly after that, he professed he is (in his own words) “obsessive compulsive” and his obsessive thoughts are around films. He sees a film, he must see it four more times. $80, gone.

Now, we can assume this isn’t really a big deal? his obsessive thoughts are about films? You see, that is the thing about OCD is, really a lot of the time the obsessive thoughts aren’t really always “bad” but of course, they can be considered “bad” too.

The conventional OCD most people know which is about neatness, cleanliness, whether you locked the door or not – is normalized, and we understand how it is debilitating because to some degree we are educated about it.

I’m not going to go on and try explain a strangers condition, but really when you empathize you can see how that could effect his life. How those thoughts and obsessions make it difficult to see who he truly is and of course, how his compulsions lead him to spend a lot of money and time on something he wishes not to do and ultimately could make his life very difficult.

ROCD is this too, and ocd and general. It is a cycle of obsessive thoughts that are then “fixed” temporarily through a compulsion. A way to control a situation. It then makes your life significantly debilitating.

But you know why it is so debilitating most of all?

That there still seizes to be a huge shameful stigma around it.

This stigma exists because of a lack of education, and there for a lack of empathy and understanding.

So people are left in the dark, to try and cope with these intrusive thoughts in their life.

Today, I am telling YOU if you have any kind of intrusive thought / compulsion symptoms in your life.




Why? because it might not be because I know you personally – since most people who read my blog do not know me personally…

However the reason I know it is real, valid and that I believe you is because –

why would it not be real and valid? and why would i not believe you?

Simply that – no other questions.

My next article will be on moving away from social stigma in order to heal.

Much love, Chloe.




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