I feel like every post I add the disclaimer “you might not like this post”, honestly I don’t know why I write that because I love everything I write.

I can. I will. I win.

The other day, I got needy. I felt needy, I kind of expressed the neediness, however I am not talking about the action of neediness. Its actually not as harmful as you think, its just if neediness consumes so much of you and your ‘suitor’ it can be extremely unattractive without a doubt. It will sabotage your current situation and it will get out of hand.

PS. You can’t ‘fix’ it with controlling it.

First of all, you’re just a person. You’re going to feel needy. I notice this neediness comes up at a certain point of getting to know a person, it comes up when you are beginning to develop fears.

You’re never safe – no matter how attractive you are, how lovely you are, that person is in the driver seat of you crashing into a big fucking fear.

That person only sits in the driver seat because you want them to be the person driving though.

Most likely you are in the same position for them too, because they want you there.

vulnerability at its finest! 

Human interaction is kind of fucked, you kind of need to play your cards right to be seen as an ideal.


Yeah but also no.

Really, you just need to have faith.

Yep, i said it. Faith. Literally… Faith. The universe, god – whatever.

why? because it is a really useful concept – something out of your control. Having faith means, you have let it go already. Having faith means, you already know you cannot control people and you cannot control every aspect of your life.

It is a concept very successful entrepreneurs use as well. When they face the biggest roadblocks, and disasters – they turn to faith. Having faith means, they already understand that they cannot control the outcome, they can only put in their hard-work, commitment and persistence and BELIEVE it will happen because they believe in themselves, and where they are meant to be.

love and compassion



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