I love it, don’t you? how humans are fascinated and amused by evil. I fucking love it. We’re so bizarre. I love it.

[insert your word of choice here] (1)

let me guess – you’re here for one of three reasons,

  1. You’re curious as to whether I am a heart-breaker or some kind of femme fetale. A curiosity I am going to allow to exist.
  2. Or… perhaps, you actually might like to know how you can become a heart-breaker.
  3. Or you’re curious because the title sounds like this could be interesting.

So this post isn’t going to be about me, but it is going to spoon feed those who fit in category 2 and 3.

This post is relevant for those who are females.

*A heart-breaker male usually (not always) has different characteristics.

Okay, so in order to survive in this society… to some degree we have to remain closed off and seem ‘un-feeling’. Unfortunately it is a truth that exists.

In relationships, the opposite is required. To be good at love, affection and intimacy we must choose to have the ability to be vulnerable – to reveal past hurt,  desires, and your tenderness.

But if we aren’t vulnerable… what are we?

Well, two oppositions are: Avoidance (coldness) or Anxious (control)

A heart-breaker, is usually the individual who uses avoidance.

She will remain cold, never need her admirers reassurance, she may cheat to display she doesn’t need her admirer, or to actually get attention from her admirer. Feelings? She’ll insinuate her thoughts are elsewhere.  A heart-breaker gives the impression she doesn’t care for feelings, or feelings don’t matter to her. She might even use the term “I don’t catch feels”.

“feels” = shame.

A heart-breaker or femme fetale, is a fraud however. A fraud to herself.

As in… what she craves so deeply is love and affection. The act of being reserved and cold is the covering of her fear to ask or assert or acknowledge her deepest desires.

Heart breakers aren’t usually heart-breakers, they are scared and under-loved individuals. So if you clicked on this to know if you  wanted to be a heart-breaker, or you are a heart-breaker or resonate with any of this content – you must know.

This avoidance  reflects your disbelief in yourself, and that you need people to believe in you in order for you to believe in your worth and value as a person. However, this is a self fulfilling prophecy and is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Not with age, but with time we must come to realise that we don’t need people to have faith in our character, because that is a conception that will never be fully fed. What we do need is to have faith in ourselves and who we truly are and what we truly desire is nothing to be ashamed of.

love and compassion,


ps. check this out:

Tom Rosenthal – She Don’t Care (official video)


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